Marl Toren

Selfish former mayor of Paskau


Marl Toren was the wealthy, uncaring and arrogant mayor of the prosperous Gredi mining town Paskau. Despised by many of the locals, Toren spendt most of his time in the town hall, where he has a large, luxurious apartment.

Toren is portly and balding, and wears extravagant, opulent clothing.


Toren was born in Marsheusis. An awkward, bookish youth, he was often bullied. He left the captial as soon as he came of age, and became a banker’s apprentice in Bethelgane.

Growing tired of life in Bethelgane, Toren moved to Paskau at the age of thirty-one. There, he became an influential businessman, and later assistant to the mayor.

When the mayor passed away, Toren took his place, imposing harsher taxes on the populace of the town. Almost universally hated in Paskau, Toren was equally disdainful towards the residents of his town, until an uprising spearheaded by Behr Tharanstone and Zoltan Kaufmann led the man to flee Paskau. In his absence, Gared Arnoth was appointed mayor.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Marl Toren

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