Mairz Scortan

Turron community leader and head of the Dabhiz Association


Mairz Scortan is the leader of the turron mining town of Raukath in Spirilidon, and the head of the Dabhiz Association, a group dedicated to the rights of turron workers.

Mairz is elderly and somewhat regal-looking, with long white hair usually pulled back into a tight ponytail and bushy eyebrows. He is a responsible and businesslike man, who is nonetheless caring and approachable. He is dedicated to his daughter, Kemrin, and his wife, Darla.


Mairz was born in Raukath to wealthy parents. His father was instrumental in the founding of the Dabhiz Association, and encouraged Mairz’s involvement from an early age. Mairz took up mining as soon as he was old enough to, and while he excelled at physical work, remained firmly involved with the political side of the work.

When his father died, Mairz became a high-ranking member of the Association, and soon after took over as its head. It was around this time that he met the former sellsword Serban Tukathe. Mairz encouraged Tukathe to join the Association, and the two soon became friends.

Mairz met his future wife Darla Larth through his work with the Association. The two quickly fell in love, and later had a daughter, Kemrin.

Mairz has since retired from mining, but retains his position in the Dabhiz Association, and works restlessly for the rights of his fellow turrons.

Mairz Scortan

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