Madame Grause

Wise and benevolent witch


Madame Grause is an enigmatic elderly woman who lives in a carved tree in the eponymous Grause Forest. Many people believe her to be a seer and a person of great power. Therefore, there is a strange and mystical people who live in the forest, on the banks of the Charbaine River, who hang on Madame Grause’s every word.

Grause is possessed of great knowledge, but bears no one any particular ill will, and passes out information as she sees fit.

She is a wizened, shrunken human of indeterminate age. Her long grey hair is incredibly thin, and she is completely blind.


Nothing is known about Madame Grause’s childhood. It is even unknown whether she took her name from Grause Forest or if the forest was named for her.

Around 1175, the first of her prophecies began to come to public attention. Some people considered her a threat, others a prophet. Many moved into Grause Forest, building hovels, or homes directly into the trees themselves.

Grause spends much of her time in the forest that bears her name, but once a day, she will travel to the great Crossroads of Yokurgin with her berserker protector Oldun Drakkanus to sell pumpkin soup to weary travellers.

Madame Grause

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