Lieutenant Wytz Arnaud

Leader of Yokurgin's military


Lieutenant Wytz Arnaud is the commander of the King’s armies. A brave, loyal and honourable man, he respects and values his troops, and is entirely devoted to his liege.

He is a human in the autumn of his years, who is nonetheless possessed of power and grace. He is tall and handsome, with sandy hair and silver eyes.


Arnaud was born in Marsheusis, the son of a soldier. His father constantly drilled into him the importance of the King’s military. As soon as he came of age, Wytz joined the military, and soon excelled, his skill with weapons and his charismatic presence serving him well.

He earned the rank of Captain by the time he was seventeen, Sergeant at nineteen and Marshall at twenty-three. Shortly after his father died, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He met with and became friends with the King, and when the war with Fyrsobarthe broke out, he was given charge of the entire military.

Arnaud headed overseas briefly, but felt he was needed more at home, and is now based in Marsheusis, aiding the people there while maintaining in constant contact with the King as part of his council.

Lieutenant Wytz Arnaud

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