Lieutenant Joby Gatiss

Fearless Fyrsobarthe soldier


Lieutenant Joby Gatiss is a high-ranking soldier in Fyrsobarthe’s army. He is a bold man, well loved by his troops, who has great honour and respect for his men and his country. He is well-spoken and polite, but also a deadly fighter.

He is a tall, lean man with lank black hair, a thick black moustache and bright blue eyes.


Gatiss was born in the coastal town of Kingsvale in Fyrsobarthe’s capital seat Dymrosil. His father was a book-maker and his mother was a seamstress, and though not wealthy by any means, they had enough to get by.

Gatiss tried his hands at various tasks, becoming a miller, a brewer and a chandler at various points, before signing up for the military. He moved to the military training base in Arodell, where he excelled.

In no time, he was a full-fledged member of the army, and moved onto the capital city of Amindrau. There, he ascended the ranks, becoming Lieutenant in just seven years.

At the behest of King Gulhammel himself, Gatiss was sent over to Yokurgin to aid the war effort. Travelling by boat with only a few men, Gatiss landed at Asaethe Beach in Spirilidon. The small force set up camp at the base of the Ghotenda and constructed a trebuchet to harry the King’s military base of Fort Pelamence.

Gatiss and his men were slaughtered by Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis, Zoltan Kaufmann, Kazdan Zell and Edward Grey when that group passed through the Ghotenda.

Lieutenant Joby Gatiss

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