Leisen Cooper

Elderly Raukath ostler


Leisen Cooper, more commonly known as Old Man Cooper, is an ostler in the Spirilidon mining town of Raukath. Cooper is one of the few human residents of the town.

Cooper is slow-minded and easily confused, and as such, is often taken advantage of. He is short and skinny, with a long, lined face and floppy grey hair.


Cooper was born in the Spirilidon ranching town of Quarnse. His family owned a large farm of gealas and horses. Cooper helped out at the farm until he came of age, when he opened his own livery.

One night, the town was raided, and Cooper’s livery was burned to the ground. Devastated, Cooper moved away from Quarnse, and spent several years wandering.

Finally, he settled in the prosperous turron town of Raukath, where he opened a second livery. He still works there to this day, though age has robbed him of his wits.

Leisen Cooper

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