Lanagan Teke

Merchant of potions and magical items


Lanagan Teke is a turron merchant based in Marsheusis, specialising in magical and rare items. He is an elderly gentleman with long grey hair and a substantial beard.

Teke is a patient and quiet man, who has a genuine interest in his work. He has travelled the country, and is knowledgeable about the customs and histories of all of Yokurgin’s races.


Teke was born in Paskau, and raised as a Daerist. His father, a man obsessed with Yokurgin’s history, instilled a love of antiques and culture in his son. When he came of age, Teke travelled the country, visiting every province, as well as heading overseas.

During this time he held various jobs, both legal and illegal. While working as a smuggler in Zaal, he was arrested, and spent seven years in prison.

When he was released, he returned to Yokurgin and set up a shop in Marsheusis’ Ologna district, selling antiques, potions, magical tomes and numerous magical and unusual items.

Lanagan Teke

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