Kruth Zythjass

Eccentric Nasquah innkeeper


Kruth Zythjass is the landlord of The Falling Star Inn in the port of Nasquah. An eccentric and exciteable man, Kruth is liked and feared in equal measure by both the townsfolk and visitors to the pub.

Kruth is a wiry man with a bald head and brown eyes which often seem to bug out of his head.


Kruth was born in the country of Todhrokh, but his parents brought him to Yokurgin when he was still an infant. The family settled in Nasquah, and his mother began a weaving business while his father opened The Falling Star Inn.

Kruth was a quiet youth, and had several run ins with the law in his teenage years. When his father died of readwhein, Kruth took over The Falling Star.

The inn sees regular buisness, but several newer patrons find Kruth’s enthusiastic and bizarre manner somewhat intimidating.

Kruth Zythjass

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