Kendrik Metliss

Aide to the King


Kendrik Metliss is the personal aide to the current King of Yokurgin. She is a polite, thorough and loyal young woman, who will always do what is asked of her. She considers all people equal, from the lowest urchin to the King himself.

She is short and slender with long brown hair.


Kendrik was born in the port of Keydon. Her mother died in childbirth, so she was raised by her bookish father, who taught her how to read, write and count. Kendrik excelled at school, and later attended Orly University in the capital.

After finishing University, Kendrik applied for a secretarial position in the King’s Palace. After initally working as a scribe, she was taken on by the King as his personal aide, a task she has gleefully performed ever since.

Kendrik Metliss

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