Kemrin Scortan

Merchant daughter of Mairz


Kemrin Scortan is the daughter of Raukath’s community leader and the head of the Dabhiz Association, Mairz Scortan. A bright, chirpy young girl, Kemrin travels the country selling the wares of Raukath’s miners.

Kemrin has curly blonde hair and blue eyes.


Kemrin was born in Raukath, and educated at home by her faither Mairs, mother Darla and a private tutor. She was offered a position in the Dabhiz Association at the age of fourteen, which she accepted.

Kemrin elected to become a merchant, and with her father’s blessing, travels with the goods mined by Raukath’s workers.

Kemrin was recently kidnapped by Feith and Atoth Indala, notorious bandits and cannibals. Though she was gravely injured, Kemrin was rescued by Edward Grey, Zoltan Kaufmann, Lilith Lostre, Kazdan Zell and Alyaa Maxis.

Kemrin Scortan

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