Kazdan Zell

Philosophical human assassin


Average sized assassin who wears all black, rarely speaks and is more interested in the perfection of combat than worldly gain. He is also an avid philosophy reader and as such will only accept contracts that benefit him or the world as a whole.

He prefers to make one deadly strike than to draw out combat but is not unknown to show outward displays of technical ability to impress or confuse people.


Was originally born somewhere in the Tephilin province but does not specify exactly where. In his teens he worked as an assistant to a very gifted and intelligent man called Seifer Mendez who made it his life’s work to study the energy sources of Yokurgin. Seifer believed that the various religions and factions were all in part aiming toward the same common understanding of the world but were too fragmented and opposed to one another to understand it’s true nature.

Whilst collecting some artifacts with Seifer in Naiju they were ambushed by a group of beserkers. Seifer was killed as was nearly Kazdan however at the last moment an unknown assassin appeared to slay the beserkers. In the fight Kazdan saved the assassin from losing an arm. To repay this debt the assassin trained Kazdan in all his arts but never revealed his true identity but simply called himself Llek Zandaz in his tongue meaning ‘The Great Deceiver’.

After completing his training Kazdan spent his time roaming the realms taking contracts whilst still searching for further clues into the energy sources of the realm and searching for who killed Seifer.

Kazdan Zell

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