Guardian of the Orb of Spirilidon


Kane was the Guardian of the Orb of Spirilidon. Kane was a vampire with control over powerful illusions. His true form was that of a shrunken, twisted, grey-skinned fiend, but he often appeared as a handsome brunette man, usually dressed in an immaculate white suit.

Preferring to use charm and subterfuge over physical violence, Kane would nonetheless kill without hesitation should the Orb be threatened. Likewise, he would kidnap travellers and feed from them, usually for months at a time. When they finally expired, he would feed their corpses to the many bats living in Kendraghora Abbey.


Kane dwelled in Kendraghora Abbey for an unknown length of time after being tasked with guarding the Orb of Spirilidon. In that time, he kidnapped several people, including Onanaeus Ilindrain, to feed from. When his illusions did not work, he attacked Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis, Edward Grey, Zoltan Kaufmann and Kazdan Zell, but was defeated and eventually decapitated.


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