Kahl Cartheisen

Head of the Cartheisen family


Kahl Cartheisen is the oldest of the Cartheisen brothers, a powerful faction of merchants based throughout Yokurgin.

Kahl is tall and slender with thinning hair and a thick grey beard. He is a soft-spoken, approachable man who can nonetheless be very commanding, and has a keen eye for business.


Kahl was the firstborn son of the powerful merchant Gawain Cartheisen. Raised in Marsheusis, Kahl began to travel the country, trading goods, at the age of thirteen. He traversed the provinces, returning home at the age of twenty-five.

He helped his ailing father until Gawain passed away, and responsibility for the wealth and prominence of the family fell on Kahl’s shoulders. He advised his younger brothers as best he could, and when all had set up their own businesses, moved on to the port of Nasquah in Spirilidon.

Kahl set up a store in the prosperous port, and began drawing heavy business. He is now a popular figure in the town, spending his days selling goods and his nights in The Falling Star Inn.

Kahl Cartheisen

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