Proprieter of The Storm House


Jilliard is the founder and owner of the all-male brothel The Storm House, located in the port of Nasquah. A loud and commanding man with a wicked sense of humour, Jilliard is charming and popular with his clientele.

He is tall and portly, with long blonde hair he often ties in a braid. He also has a large beard which he decorates with various charms.

Jilliard’s family name is unknown.


Jilliard was born to wealthy parents in the city of Marsheusis. He made a name for himself in his early years as an intelligent and shrewd boy. He helped his father, an international trader, and soon began to earn his own money selling spices, jewels and even silk.

In his twenty-fifth year, Jilliard found himself in the Spirilidon town of Nasquah. He found an empty property and decided to open a male-only bordello, which he named The Storm House. He began to take in poor and needy boys, turning them into his employees.

The Storm House is now one of the most profitable businesses in all of Yokurgin, and has allowed Jilliard to continue a life of ease and excess.


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