Jevi Salerio

Cheerful Fedelha farmer


Jevi Salerio is a prominent farmer in the town of Fedelha, and a close friend of the town’s de facto leader, Mother Bella. Jevi is friendly and generous, always willing to share his produce with neighbours. He is also highly talkative, and loves telling stories.

Jevi is tall and slender, with long white hair and an narrow, angular face.


Jevi was born and raised in Fedelha. His family owned one of several gealas farms in the town. Jevi helped out around the farm where he could, and when his parents died, took over its running.

He quickly established himself as one of the most approachable and reasonable farmers in the town, and as such, always does a lot of business. He met Mother Bella as a customer, and they soon became fast friends.

Jevi travels up to Mother Bella’s cottage every Nostaen to dine with Fedelha’s figurehead.

Jevi Salerio

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