Jarott Lavene

Friendly Belotesquah innkeeper


Jarott Lavene is the landlord of the Gethahl Point Inn in the port of Belotesquah. A kind and talkative man, Jarott is popular in the town, as are his wife Sia and his daughter Noelle.

Jarott is a tall, lean man with greying hair and an eloquent voice.


Jarott was born in Belotesquah, the son of a fish and seafood merchant. Well-loved by the men on the docks, Jarott spent a lot of time in the Gethahl Point Inn. Its landlord, Caley Byshoth, was very fond of Jarott, and when the boy came of age, he offered him bar work.

Some years later, Caley succumbed to the disease thangar, and Jarott took over running the inn. It was at this time he met Sia, and fell wildly in love. The two were soon married, and less than a year later, Sia gave birth to a daughter, Noelle.

Jarott now runs the Gethahl Point with his wife, sharing stories and gossip with locals and travellers alike.

Jarott Lavene

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