Jaegold Bant

Daughter of Entat


Jaegold Bant is the eighteen-year-old daughter of Entat and Leeza. A shy yet accommodating girl, Jaegold has been forced to take on much of the responsibility of running her family’s inn, The Smuggler’s Rest, since her father sunk into depression following the death of his wife.

Jaegold is a slender, pretty girl with ginger hair and brown eyes.


Jaegold was born in her family’s inn, The Smuggler’s Rest in Hagoph’s port of Shedhmi. She had a close relationship with both of her parents, until her mother was killed in Fyrsobarthe’s attack on the nearby town of Narshair.

Entat became depressed and withdrawn, and Jaegold was forced to run the inn almost single-handed. Entat’s condition has since improved, but Jaegold still does much of the day-to-day work in the inn.

Jaegold Bant

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