Guardian of the Orb of Gredi


Herod was the Guardian of the Orb of Gredi. A powerful sorcerer with a propensity for raising the dead, Herod is a tall, elderly man who dresses in a black robe and tall black hat. His eyes constantly glow with a terrible pink light.

Calculating and cruel, Herod dwelled within Castle Baphette, the former home of the royal family of Yokurgin, with dominion over the enormous Unquarth Cemetary.


Herod was tasked with guarding the Orb of Gredi. He took for his residence Castle Baphette in the province of Gredi, using his magicks and control over the undead to protect the Orb until he was killed by Edward Grey, Zoltan Kaufmann, Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis and Kazdan Zell.


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