Hartak Vale

Cunning turron alchemist


Hartak Vale is a turron alchemist and a member of the Dabhiz Association. He is a wily yet largely honourable man, who tends to put the needs of his community above his own.

He is lean and wiry, with a drawn face and receding black hair.


Hartak was born in the city of Marsheusis, where he was also educated. He soon developed an interest in alchemy, a pursuit he took to the prestigious Orly University.

He moved to the town of Raukath in Spirilidon when he reached his late twenties, and caught the attention of the community’s leader and the head of the Dabhiz Association, Mairz Scortan. Mairz offered to employ Hartak as the Association’s official alchemist, a position Hartak holds to this day.

Hartak Vale

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