Guardian of the Orb of Ghandala


Harlen was the guard of the Orb of Ghandala, one of the seven magical Orbs of Yokurgin. He was a huge, three-headed beast with wrinkled brown skin and a horn atop each head.

Harlen was violent and aggressive, but possessed of an intelligence and cunning which made him even more dangerous.


At some point after the war with Fyrsobarthe broke out, Harlen took up residence in the fields surrounding the Everfoarthe Road. The area became known as the Fields of Harlen.

The beast used his servant, the living scarecrow Roshthma, to keep the Orb of Ghandala safe, until Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis, Zoltan Kaufmann, Edward Grey and Kazdan Zell defeated both Harlen and Roshthma.


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