Hanley Cartheisen

Belotesquah merchant of dubious report


Hanley Cartheisen is a member of the Cartheisen family of merchants. The second youngest brother, he is a gaunt man with receding, dark hair and icy blue eyes.

He is a quiet, introverted man who can come off as brusque.


Hanley was born in Marsheusis, raised by his father Gawain and later, when he died, his eldest brother Kahl. He traded in Marsheusis for a while, before heading out on his own. After spending a couple of years as a travelling merchant, Hanley settled in the port of Belotesquah.

Shortly after Hanley arrived in the port, several local children went missing. Though some residents of the town suspected the newly arrived merchant, but nothing could be proved, and Hanley continues to trade in Belotesquah to this day.

Hanley Cartheisen

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