Giin Syloth

Wandering Daerist priest


Giin Syloth is a wandering priest of the Daerist religion. He is a kind and selfless man, who is very trusting and willing to help anyone. He also respects other people’s beliefs, and will never foist his religion upon others.

He is a tall, white-haired man with a neat moustache and keen blue eyes.


Giin was born in Fedelha, raised in equal parts by his parents and the heavily Daerist population of the village. A soft-spoken, polite and attentive boy, Giin was well regarded in the community, and was ordained as a priest of Daerism before his twentieth birthday.

As he grew older, Giin felt a desire to see the country, and took to the road, leaving behind all his worldly possessions. Since then, he has travelled Yokurgin on foot, visiting all seven provinces and almost every town.

Most recently, he spent time in the port of Nasquah.

Giin Syloth

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