Slave of the Bethelgane bandits


Genevieve is one of three slave girls held captive by the bandits of Bethelgane. Genevieve and her companions Brunhilda and Alysanne are forced to clean after, cook for and sexually pleasure the bandits who inhabit the ruined city.

Genevieve is a busty young human with short blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and seductive, full lips.


Genevieve was born in Bethelgane to wealthy parents. She was one of the most popular girls at her school, and won several beauty pageants.

When Fyrsobarthe attacked Bethelgane, Genevieve was badly injured. Her mother, a physician, nursed her back to health, but before Genevieve was completely recovered, Ridley and his bandits attacked, killing Genevieve’s mother and kidnapping Genevieve herself.

Since that day, Genevieve has been their slave. The once bright and bubbly girl is now a downtrodden, hopeless person, though she does feel a strong bond with her fellow captive, Brunhilda.


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