Interdimensional sorcerer


Gareiden is a powerful interdimensional sorcerer. He is an enigmatic yet well-liked individual, soft spoken but also commanding. He is very patient, and is willing to help anyone, from royalty to the lowliest peasant.

He appears to be a tall, well-built human, with dark skin and short, curly hair. He has a full, neat beard, and usually wears a leather duster and a black Stetson.


Little is known about Gareiden’s background. It is widely believed that he was born in Yokurgin, but given his ability to travel through dimensions, it is impossible to verify this.

In any case, his presence in the country has been known for at least fifteen years, which is when the religion of Ventenism was first founded. Since then, Gareiden has travelled Yokurgin, as well as other realms, helping some people and battling others.

Since the war with Fyrsobarthe began, Gareiden has spent more time in Yokurgin, where it is believed he works to bring about a swift and bloodless resolution to the conflict.


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