Gared Arnoth

New mayor of Paskau


Gared Arnoth is a wealthy and powerful turron banker, and the mayor of the Gredi town of Paskau. He is a shrewd and thrifty individual, but is also honourable and disdainful towards those who exploit the poor and weak.

Gared is relatively tall for a turron, and stocky, with curly black hair going to grey. He has kind eyes and a warm smile.


Gared was born in the town of Paskau to members of the Dabhiz Association. He excelled in math, and soon began to help his father manage the family’s finances.

He attended Orly University in the capital city of Marsheusis, where he became renowned for his uncanny skills with money. He spent some time in the town of Godhe, before moving to Paskau. He opened his own bank there, which caught the attention of the town’s mayor, Marl Toren.

Toren employed Gared as his financial advisor. Though Gared did not care for Toren’s attitude and business ethic, he accepted the job, and did his best to keep the flow of money in the town honest.

When Behr Tharanstone, Zoltan Kaufmann, Edward Grey, Lilith Lostre, Alyaa Maxis and Kazdan Zell caused Toren to flee Paskau, Gared was chosen as the town’s new mayor. He vowed to be a fair and just leader.

Gared Arnoth

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