Feith and Atoth Indala

Brutal cannibalistic twins


Feith and Atoth Indala are identical twins, a pair of notorious criminals. They are known throughout Yokurgin as vicious murderers and rapers, and some of the more unsavoury tales of their exploits tell of cannibalism.

They are both muscular and ginger. Feith has long hair and a mighty beard, while Atoth shaves his head and wears his beard shorter. They are both utterly without mercy, and relish the pain and suffering of others.


Little is known about the background of these vicious killers. It is believed they were born in or near the city of Bethelgane. They fled the city after their parents died under mysterious circumstances, and began a rein of terror which would last almost fifteen years.

Murders, rapes and kidnappings were reported in the towns they passed through, and they began to gather other, like-minded criminals about them.

When they raided Raukath and kidnapped Kemrin Scortan, the daughter of wealthy turron Mairz Scortan, they fled to Asaethe Beach. Mairz hired Zoltan Kaufmann, Alyaa Maxis, Kazdan Zell, Lilith Lostre and Edward Grey to retrieve Kemrin. The group travelled to Asaethe, where they engaged and killed the Indala twins, along with the bandits they were with.

Feith and Atoth Indala

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