Faron Thorne

Quiet Fedelha innkeeper


Faron Thorne is the proprietor of The Green Man pub in Fedelha. A reserved yet friendly man, Faron welcomes people of all backgrounds and races to his establishment. He is dedicated to his wife Rhylla, and thinks the world of his mentally-challenged son Partario.

Faron is a balding man of some forty-six years, who wears glasses and often a good deal of stubble.


Faron was born and raised in Fedelha. He met Mother Bella, the matriarch of the village, at a young age, and grew to respect her immensely.

He met Rhylla Elda when he was only nineteen, and fell madly in love with her. They married at twenty-six, and brought The Green Man pub when its former owner died.

Ten years later, Rhylla gave birth to Partario. It soon became apparent that the child had mental difficulties. Faron was determined that his son should have every opportunity in life, and aided the lad in every way he could, paying for a special tutor even though he could not really afford it.

Recently, Faron sent Partario and Rhylla to Marsheusis in the hopes of finding the boy appropriate help.

Faron Thorne

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