Entat Bant

Landlord of The Smuggler's Rest


Entat Bant is the Ventenist landlord of The Smuggler’s Rest in the port of Shedhmi. He is a quiet yet commanding man, who seems to have a good rapport with the majority of his clientele.

He is a tall and stocky human with ginger hair and bushy sideburns. He has a sizeable belly and a hearty laugh.


Entat was born in Shedhmi when it was still a prosperous place. His parents owned The Smuggler’s Rest, which was one of several establishments in the town.

Entat took over the tavern when he was 35, and two years later, had a daughter, Jaegold.

When Fyrsobarthe launched its attack on Hagoph, Entat’s wife Leeza was visiting the town of Narshair, and was killed. Entat sunk into a cataclysmic depression, from which he has only just recovered. Even so, eighteen year old Jaegold now does much of the work in the tavern.

Entat Bant

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