Emily Grey

Edward's loving wife


Emily Grey was the wife of Edward. A passionate and kind woman, Emily was a therapist who was well known and well liked in her community.

Emily was slender and pale, with long red hair that she often tied into pigtails.


Born and raised in America, Emily moved to England at the age of 25 to seek out old family roots and find a historic place to live in, something she found in the city of Lincoln.

She met policeman Edward Grey shortly after moving to the UK, and the couple soon married. Emily took up a career as a therapist, specialising in children and young adults.

Emily and Edward lived happily with their cat J.C. until a mugging and rape gone wrong left Emily dead. It was primarily because of this misfortune that Edward was contacted by the interdimensional sorcerer Gareiden and brought to the world of Yokurgin.

Emily Grey

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