Ela Ranson

Cheerful Marsheusis merchant


Ela Ranson is a merchant based in the Ologna district of Marsheusis. She is very cheerful and friendly, and is willing to talk to absolutely anyone, regardless of their race, age or background.

Ela is a petite human with short blonde hair and a winning smile.


Ela was born in Marsheusis to philanthropist parents. Despite her family’s comfortable financial situation, Ela wanted to make her own way in the world, setting up her own stall when she was only fifteen.

Less than a year after she started trading, she found an injured un-man, and convinced her parents to take the man in. Calling him Burl, Ela encouraged the un-man to help her on her stall, and now sees him as her brother.

Despite some people refusing to go near Ela’s stall since Burl’s employment, the girl has retained her cheerful demeanour, and continues to welcome all customers.

Ela Ranson

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