Dr Redgik Soul

Arrogant doctor of magicks


Dr Redgik Soul is the personal physician of the King of Yokurgin. Based in the capital city of Marsheusis, Soul is regarded as a brilliant doctor. He employs a variety of magicks to heal all manner of wounds, illnesses and ailments.

In spite of his skill and impressive track record, Soul is known to be a somewhat arrogant and cold man. He is also very stubborn, and it is almost unheard of for him to waive his high fees.

Soul is a traditionally handsome human, with floppy black hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin.


Soul was born in Marsheusis to wealthy parents. He attended Orly University in the city’s Otenheim district, and at the age of twenty-two was accepted by the King as his personal physician.

Soul has developed a rivalry with Dr Agula, who he considers to be an inferior physician.

Dr Redgik Soul

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