Dr Agula

Kindly doctor of medicine


Dr Agula is a physician based in Yokurgin’s capital city, Marsheusis. Unlike many doctors, Agula practices medicine rather than magical healing.

He is loved by his patients as a kind, patient, thoughtful man. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to ramble, and takes a long time getting to his point. These qualities, along with his refusal to branch out into magicks, has earned him the ire of Dr Redgik Soul, the King’s physician.

Agula is a short, plump man with scruffy blonde dreadlocks and a small beard.


Agular was born in the Hagoph town of Narshair. While his parents were farmers, Agula had more academic interests, and studied medicine from an early age.

Almost entirely self-taught, he was Narshair’s only doctor for a time. When his parents died, Agula relocated to Marsheusis, where he set up a practice.

Since his arrival in Marsheusis, he has developed a rivalry with Dr Redgik Soul.

Dr Agula

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