Doran Mantile

Dedicated Belotesquah fisherman


Doran Mantile is an eccentric fisherman from the port of Belotesquah in Ghandala. Something of a local celebrity, Doran is renowned for his determination, often spending whole days trying to catch certain fish.

Doran has a plump, craggy face and sports a neat moustache. His hair is pure white, and his eyes are a piercing blue. He is seldom seen without his favourite brown hat.


Little is known about Doran’s younger years (not even how old he truly is), but since he moved to Belotesquah in 1167, he has become known as one of Yokurgin’s most dedicated fisherman.

Doran has travelled across the country, catching fish in almost every river and lake in Yokurgin. His dream, however, is to catch a sarque from the River Aparkherne, something he has so far been unable to do.

Doran Mantile

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