Dolac Enzil

Young Fort Pelamence soldier


Dolac Enzil is a soldier based at Fort Pelamence, in the province of Spirilidon. A young man of only twenty-four, Dolac is naive and inexperienced. Though he tries to be brave, the ways of war constantly frighten him, and he has yet to engage an enemy troop.

He is tall and slender, with long black hair and brown eyes.


Dolac was born in Yokurgin’s capital city, Marsheusis. A rebellious youth, he chummed around with a group of troublemakers and pranksters.

One drunken night, Dolac’s friends convinced him to sign up for the Royal Military of Yokurgin. When Dolac later realised what he had done, he vehemently tried to back out, but was taken into training nonetheless.

Despite his lack of confidence and distaste for his situation, Dolac’s athleticism served him well, and he was accepted into the army. He was appointed to Commander Hob Bosskins at Fort Pelamence, who has since tried to toughen the boy up. Even so, he remains almost constantly afraid, and as of yet has not earned a rank.

Dolac Enzil

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