Dol Pestude

Noted philosopher


Dol Pestude is one of the most respected philosophers and scholars in all of Yokurgin. He currently resides in the coastal Judmipar town of Godhe, after living in Marsheusis for many years.

Though highly intelligent, Dol is also very humble. He is always willing to help those in need, and is especially fond of children. He longs to open an institute for gifted youngsters in Godhe, but the arrogant and elderly population are firmly against the idea.

Dol is a very elderly human with cropped white hair and a thick white beard.


Dol was born in Marsheusis, to wealthy and intellectual parents. His father was a great philanthropist, and instilled a love of the common man in Dol at an early age.

Dol excelled at school, and when he was only twenty-two became a lecturer at Orly University. Popular with students and faculty alike, Dol remained at the university for many years, until at the age of seventy, he retired.

He moved to the town of Godhe, and has spent his time there campaigning to open a school for intelligent children. He still regularly travels to Marsheusis, and has been consulted by the King on more than one occasion.

Dol Pestude

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