Danil Lothson

Charismatic travelling bard


Danil Lothson is a bard who travels the land of Yokurgin, collecting stories and songs to add to his repertoire. He is a very talented hertite player, and has a soft yet beautiful signing voice.

He is bold and boisterous, yet will shy away from any physical confrontation. He is always eager to hear of traveller’s exploits, and will sometimes ask adventurers if he can accompany them on their travels.

Danil is very tall and lean with a long face, long black hair and a wide, winning smile.


Danil was born in the city of Bethelgane to parents of modest means. He excelled at school, but was often overlooked by his teachers. He displayed particular aptitude in music and art.

At the age of eighteen, Danil left home with his hertite to travel the land as a bard. Since then, he has visited every province, gathering tales which he will sing about to anyone who is willing to listen.

Danil Lothson

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