Commander Pruit Yanis

Commander of Fort Cyncent


Commander Pruit Yanis is a soldier in the Royal Military of Yokurgin, and a personal friend of the King. He is based at Fort Cyncent in the quiet but dangerous province of Naiju.

Yanis is a human in his mid-forties. He is well-built, with short hair and a full beard. He is a thoughtful and intelligent man, who is quiet yet commanding. His men respect him, and he in turn respects them.


Pruit Yanis grew up in the great city of Bethelgane. A quiet and bookish boy, he was bullied at school, but his father trained him to be a powerful warrior, and when he left school, he joined the King’s army.

He became firm friends with the King, and was assigned Commander of Fort Cyncent relatively early in his career. He was at the fort when Fyrsobarthe attacked Bethelgane, and nearly lost his life.

After the devestating attack, Yanis has remained at Fort Cyncent, fighting off invaders and the bandits who inhabit Bethelgane with the help of his loyal soldiers.

Commander Pruit Yanis

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