Commander Hob Bosskins

Commander of Fort Pelamence


Commander Hob Bosskins is a high-ranking soldier in the King’s army. Based at Fort Pelamence, which sits on the banks of the River Palasies in Spirilidon, Bosskins is a no-nonsense man who keeps his troops in line by any means necessary, though he will treat them with respect if they give him the same in turn.

Hosskins is a human approaching his fifties. He is tanned and well-built, with receding black hair.


Hob Bosskins was born in Marsheusis, and, after finding school a bore, enlisted in the military.

After training in the capital city, Hosskins relocated to Fort Pelamence, where he rapidly ascended the ranks, earning the title of Commander before his thirtieth birthday.

His time at Pelamence was somewhat uneventful, only occasionally fighting off rogue un-men or berserkers, until the war with Fyrsobarthe erupted. Since then, Hosskins has done all in his power to keep Yokurgin safe, scuppering enemy troops arriving on the southern coast and protecting the assets of the town of Raukath.

Commander Hob Bosskins

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