Carn Lyre

Head of the Daerist church


Carn Lyre is the head of the Daerist church in Yokurgin, and a member of the King’s Court. He is a rather gruff and serious man, who takes his faith very seriously. He is also fiercely protective of, and loyal to, the King.

He is a tall man with thinning sandy hair and a close-cropped beard. He is never seen out of his white Daerist robe.


Lyre was born in Marsheusis and raised in a strictly Daerist household. His father Yora was a Daerist priest, and Lyre was ordained at the age of sixteen, an atypically young age.

When King Perecuse died and his successor took the throne, Lyre became friends with the King. When the head of the church passed away, the King offered Carn the position. Outraged, his father severed all ties with him.

Though he was understandably upset, Lyre accepted the position, and became a trusted member of the King’s Court.

Carn Lyre

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