Captain Yorek Teer

Aging soldier of Yokurgin


Captain Yorek Teer is a member of the Royal Military of Yokurgin based at Fort Pelamence in Spirilidon. He is a friendly yet nervy man, unconfident but rational and intelligent.

He is tall and portly with curly brown hair and an open, honest face.


Yorek was born in Belotesquah and raised largely by his overbearing mother. His father, a distant intellectual, was a professor at Orly University, and as a result, spent much time away from home in the capital.

When he was seventeen, Yorek met a man named Dyvish Antel, a soldier in Yokurgin’s Royal Military. Enchanted by the idea of escaping home and having a semblance of authority, Yorek signed up. Though he floundered in the physical training exercises, his sharp mind was noted, and he was appointed a steward at Fort Pelamence.

When the war with Fyrsobarthe broke out, Yorek was forced to take up arms. Now, he fights along with the rest of the men at the Fort, and is constantly berated by his Commander, Hob Bosskins.

Captain Yorek Teer

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