Captain Weir Tydon

Proud Yokurgin soldier


Captain Weir Tydon is an elderly soldier in Yokurgin’s Royal Military. He is a tall, well-built human with thinning white hair and a thick beard.

Tydon is gruff but kindly, fiercely proud of his family name and military achievements, and absolutely dedicated to the protection of Yokurgin and its peoples.


Tydon was born in the port of Nasquah to poor parents. His father had an unsuccessful fishing business, which Weir helped in until the age of seventeen. He then travelled to the capital city of Marsheusis and joined the King’s military.

Tydon remained in Marsheusis for many years, and there rose to the rank of Captain. At this time, he asked the King if he could be relocated to his hometown of Nasquah, a request the King honoured.

Tydon has since remained at Nasquah, keeping the peace and occasionally aiding the soldiers at nearby Fort Pelamence.

Captain Weir Tydon

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