Captain Vas Muggrah

Insolent young soldier


Captain Vas Muggrah is a young soldier in the Royal Military of Yokurgin. He is a wiry youth with scruffy brown hair and blue eyes.

Muggrah is a cocksure and arrogant young man, with utter confidence in his own abilites and disdain for those around him.


Vas was born to Murtogh and Sybil Muggrah of Kagen. He was raised on the family farm, where he was treated somewhat poorly by his father. His mother was his shield, until she died of a fever.

Vas spent as much time away from his father as he could, and when the war with Fyrsobarthe broke out, he jumped at the chance to join the military. He was stationed at Fort Cyncent, where he currently resides under the weary tutelage of Commander Pruit Yanis.

Captain Vas Muggrah

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