Burl Ranson

Adoptive un-man brother of Ela Ranson


Burl Ranson is an un-man based in the capital city of Marsheusis in Judmipar. He is the adoptive brother of Ela Ranson. Burl is tall and well-built, and is entirely hairless. Like all un-men, he is strangely distorted.

Burl is docile and agreeable, and though he does not speak the common tongue, is attentive to his adoptive sister.


Burl (whose real name is unknown) travelled to Marsheusis with his family when he was just a boy. One night, most of his family were killed by a drunken group of humans. Burl survived, and was taken in by the Ranson family.

Ela grew very close to the un-man, and convinced her parents to adopt him as one of their own. Calling the un-man “Burl,” Ela encouraged him to aid her on her stall. Burl agreed, and now stands with Ela most days. Some now refuse to shop at Ela’s stall, but this has not soured the relationship between the adopted siblings.

Burl Ranson

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