Bromine Cartheisen

Grizzled Kagen merchant


Bromine Cartheisen is a merchant, and member of the powerful Cartheisen family. He is one of the only merchants left in the blighted Hagoph town of Kagen.

Bromine is an approachable yet wily man, whose soft-spoken and inviting manner hides a more cunning side.

He is short and approaching the twilight of his years, with curly grey hair and a thick moustache.


Born in the capital city of Marsheusis, Bromine was raised by the late Gawain Cartheisen, one of the most famous merchants in all of Yokurgin. With his father and his brothers all in retail, Bromine was determined to go his own way.

He moved to the town of Kagen at the age of twenty-four, and tried his hand at farming. He was not very successful in this endeavour, however, and soon opened up a stall, using his family name to garner business.

After the attack on Narshair, Kagen became a much more desolate place. Yet Bromine kept his stall open, and now operates as one of the only traders in the entire town.

Bromine Cartheisen

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