Bor Sexton

Undead resident of Fedelha


Bor Sexton was a merchant in the Gredi town of Fedelha. He was a popular and friendly man, slender with curly black hair going to grey.

In 1140, he and his family were attacked by highwaymen and killed. He was buried in Unquarth Cemetary, and recently rose as a zombie.


Bor was born and raised in the town of Fedelha. He met his wife Yulia at the age of sixteen, and less than a year later, they were married. They began to grow and sell vegetables, and began operating a lucrative trading business. They had their first child at the age of nineteen, and another a year later.

One fateful day in 1140, Bor and his family were travelling between Fedelha and Quarnse in Spirilidon when they were set upon by highwaymen. Bor was killed in the confrontation. His family had him buried in Unquarth Cemetary.

Sixty-two years later, when the Traveller Edward Grey and his companions journeyed to Unquarth Cemetary, Bor rose as a zombie. He conversed with the party until the sorcerer Herod took control of him. The possessed Bor was struck down by Alyaa Maxis, presumably killing him once and for all.

Bor Sexton

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