Blight Q'urran

Violent berserker nomad


Blight Q’urran is a vicious, nomadic berserker, who travels Yokurgin with little purpose. He is tall and well built, with a bald head and tanned skin. He has animalistic features, in particular fangs, which he sharpens himself.

He is uncaring to the point of misanthropy, and has no qualms about murdering anyone who gets in his way, or who he perceives to have offended him.


Little is known about Q’urran’s life. It is believed that he was born in Bethelgane to loyalists to the crown. Somewhere down the line, things went wrong for him, and he left the city. There is speculation that he murdered his parents, but this is unverifiable.

Since then, Q’urran has wandered throughout the country, killing and stealing as he sees fit. Even the purpose of his journey is unsure.

Blight Q'urran

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