Behr Tharanstone

Hardy human miner


Behr Tharanstone is a prominent miner in the town of Paskau in Gredi. He is a mountain of a man, over seven feet tall and packed with muscle. He has long, light hair and a hearty moustache. His eyes are emerald green, and can be both charming and intimidating.

He is very outgoing, and as such, is friends with many of the townsfolk. Despite his bluster, however, he is a very gentle and caring soul, and would do anything to protect his town.


Behr was born in Nasquah, and spent his early years as a builder under his father. When he turned eighteen, he set out on his own, moving first to Quarnse, where he unsuccessfully tried his hand at ranching, and then to Paskau.

After some disagreements with the town’s mayor, Marl Toren, Behr took up mining for fumin and jerium in the hills of Gredi and Spirilidon. He has since become very successful, though he chooses to live a simple life and secretly donates much of his wealth to the upkeep of the town.

After Toren was deposed, the new mayor, Gared Arnoth, appointed Behr the master of law in the town.

Behr Tharanstone

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