Ventenist monk of Michtalenchuthli


Ava is one of Gareiden’s three Ventenist monks based at the Tower of Michtalenchuthli in the damned province of Tephilin.

Known as the “Ears of Michtalenchuthli,” Ava is a musical genius, as well as an expert on all forms of communication, though he prefers to listen than to talk.

He is an elderly human with thinning white hair and kindly grey eyes.


Very little is known about the levitating monks who live in the Tower of Michtalenchuthli. They are loyal Ventenists, and will do anything for the sorcerer Gareiden.

Along with Karak and Tam, Ava keeps a watchful vigil, always ready to take in weary travellers… or at least, those who are loyal to Gareiden.


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