Auri Langein

Garland ranger


Auri Langein is a garland ranger employed by Arkrai Menwyn Vanil to explore the provinces, and watch for threats to Glomewood, the forest town in Hagoph’s Tendechagh.

He is stern and no-nonsense, and like the Arkrai, distrusting of non-garlands. He is wiry and athletic, with a short crop of leaves on his head and dark brown eyes.


Auri was born in Glomewood, and raised a strict Loreist. He grew close to the Arkrai Menwyn Vanil, and at the age of twenty entered into the Arkrai’s personal service.

He acted as a confidant until he reached the age of twenty-five, when Vanil appointed him a ranger. Auri was tasked with exploring the provinces outside Hagoph and bringing news back to Glomewood. He was also to watch for any potential threats to the peaceful garland community.

Auri Langein

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