Arkrai Menwyn Vanil

Loreist priest of Glomewood


Arkrai Menwyn Vanil is a high-ranking Loreist priest who lives in the town of Glomewood, built into The Tendechagh in Hagoph.

He is a soft-spoken but stern garland, who looks after his flock but has little time for outsiders. His main priority in life is his daughter Varil, whom he loves unconditionally.

Arkrai Vanil is tall and slender, with a shaved head and a neat, mossy beard.


The Vanil family were one of the first groups of garlands to live in The Tendechagh, and were instrumental in the founding of Glomewood. Menwyn’s great-great-grandfather Eligar Vanil was a Loreist priest, the first in The Tendechagh, and since then, almost every male in the family has become an Arkrai.

Menwyn has never left The Tendechagh, and as few outsiders visit it, is somewhat distrusting of the other races of Yokurgin. He is very protective of his carefree daughter Varil, and will do anything to protect her.

Arkrai Menwyn Vanil

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